Headline: Arctic Stakeholder Map: Stakeholder groups involved in Yamal oil and gas development Blue; Action Case Study Nr. 5

The series of the Yamal 2040 Scenario Workshops is a part of the international research project “BlueAction – Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate” funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme. This project aims to evaluate the impact of a changing Arctic on northern hemisphere weather and climate. Blue-Action brings together 120 experts from over 40 organizations in 17 countries most of whom are climate scientists dealing with improvement of existing and development of new techniques that will enable robust and reliable forecasting of weather and hazardous climate events in the Arctic and over the northern hemisphere. However, Blue-Action is not limited to natural science’ goals alone. As a final result, the project aims to improve the safety and wellbeing of people in the Arctic and across the northern hemisphere by reducing risks associated with a changing climate and Arctic operations like resource exploitation, and to support evidence-based decision-making by policymakers worldwide. To achieve this, Blue- Action takes a transdisciplinary approach, bridging scientific understandings of Arctic climate, weather and risk management research with key rights- and stakeholder knowledge. This is being done within the project’s Work Package 5 “Developing and Valuing Climate Services”, which consists of a set of case studies that bring scientists together with stakeholders to co-develop products that “translate” the model outputs and improved modelling skill developed in other work packages into societal- and sectorrelevant products. Our case study in the Blue-Action project develops a study of the impact of the Arctic changes on resource development in the Russian Arctic with the goal of improving stakeholders’ capacity to adapt to these changes. The Yamal 2040 Scenario Workshop series is at the core of the case study. The work carried out in this deliverable is a desk study producing a map of stakeholder groups involved in oil and gas development on the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YNAO). This study is part of the preparatory work for the scenario exercise conducted in cooperation with various stakeholder groups active in or affected by oil and gas development in YNAO.


Stephen, K., & Valeeva, V.(2018). Arctic Stakeholder Map: Stakeholder groups involved in Yamal oil and gas development Blue; Action Case Study Nr. 5. Potsdam: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS).

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Arktische Auswirkungen auf Wetter und Klima (Blue-Action)