Headline: Pivotal decisions and key factors for robust CSP strategies. Deliverable 7.4 MUSTEC project

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) offers flexible and decarbonised power generation and is - as a solar power-based balancing opportunity – able to contribute to the transition towards sustainable and stable future electricity systems. To have this technology available for the generation portfolio in Europe when it will be needed, certain conditions in the electricity systems have to be met. In this report, we shed a light on key factors and pivotal decisions for successful CSP deployment in Europe. From the wide range of factors that are relevant for CSP deployment in Europe’s future electricity system, we elaborate in particular on the effect of cooperation, demand-side management, electricity grid expansion, decarbonisation ambition, technology cost developments of CSP and competing technologies, sector coupling, and increasing shares of fluctuating renewables and nuclear phase-out on CSP deployment. This assessment condenses many different outcomes of the MUSTEC project so far and is based on the policy pathway elaboration (WP7) and the core findings from the integrated model-based assessment (WP8). Compiled from these MUSTEC research activities, we present in this report the key drivers and policy decisions that are needed for effective CSP deployment in Europe in the coming years up to 2050.


Schöniger, F., Resch, G., Kleinschmitt, C., Franke, K., Sensfuß, F., Lilliestam, J., & Thonig, R.(2020). Pivotal decisions and key factors for robust CSP strategies. Deliverable 7.4 MUSTEC project. Wien: TU Wien.

https://mustec.eu/sites/default/files/reports/D7.4_Pivotal%20decisions%20and%20… https://publications.rifs-potsdam.de/rest/items/item_6000140_6/component/file_6…
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