Headline: CCU TEA and LCA Guidance 2023 – A Harmonized Approach

The Global CO2 Initiative hosted the 2023 TEA/LCA Workshop on Harmonizing CCU Assessments on May 16-18. This fifth workshop in the series was planned and conducted by the International CCU Assessment Harmonization Group with members from the USA (GCI at U-M, NETL, NREL, ANL), Canada (NRC), Germany (RIFS, formerly known as IASS), Switzerland (ETH Zürich), and Japan (NIAIST). This team works to advance transparent and uniform assessments of CCU technologies and products. These workshops have traditionally engaged a broad audience in breakout sessions to debate, resolve, and define key issues with assessments in CCU. Note that occasionally, it makes sense to include border aspects and include assessments of CO2 sequestration into the discussions. Hence, in some sections, the mention of CCUS is included. The focus topics for 2023 had been selected to address social aspects and standardization. 51 on-site and up to 265 remote attendees spent one-and a-half days in lively discussions. This report presents a summary of the breakout session discussions, key status descriptions, and open issues.


McCord, S., Ahmed, A., Cooney, G., Dominguez-Faus, R., Galindo, R., Krynock, M., Leitch, M., Strunge, T., Tan, E., & Sick, V.(2023). CCU TEA and LCA Guidance 2023 – A Harmonized Approach (https://hdl.handle.net/2027.42/177527).